Lighting company: Zhongshan Shuorong Lighting Technology Co.,Ltd(Founded In 2016)
Factory:Zhongshan Sorontek Electronic Factory(Founded In 2012)
Address:5th Floor, No.173-16 Zhuyuan Road Xiaolan Town Zhongshan City Guangdong Province
Main Products:Smart Home, Intelligent Lighting and Electronics(Intelligent Lighting,Electrical products,Security products,LED Driver,LED Lighting Controller)
Brand:SORONTEK, 知 简(Certified)
Product:Every Piece Is Masterpiece
Company vision:Long Lasting Running And Pragmatic Development
To Clients: Trust / Profit-Shared / Strategic Partnerships
To Suppliers:Pragmatic trustworthy and cooperating with reasonable profit
To Staffs:Respect For Talent / Humanized Management / Common Development
Certified:CCC CE TUV CB PSE ETL (Over 300 Certificates)
Patent:Over 30 patents for Software design,  product construction design, product appearance design etc.
National Qualification:2018 NATIONAL HIGH-TECH ENTERPRISE
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